Why Women Reject Men

One of the biggest dread of men (when it comes to women) is that FEAR of rejection..
So, when you do get the courage to approach her, you focus on “working hard” to make her like you and see you as an AWESOME guy.
Just when you think you’re winning her over – she loses interest, and you’re left surprised and dismissed. Then negative emotions comes in, clouds your judgment, and all you can think of is…
You’re rejected, so you must be a LOSER, right?
NO, you’re not!
Read this article on Why Women Reject Men to find out. It list 10 common reasons and I suggest you read each one. You’ll find out that sometimes, it’s not all about YOU, but about her.
Stay Alpha,
– Carlos Xuma

Title: Why Women Reject Men
After finally working up the nerve to ask a woman out, the moment arrives and there is nothing left to do but make a move. You initiate conversation, make small talk, play it the way you feel it should be played and put it out there for her to accept or reject.
And then, as fast as it began, the interaction is over in the blink of an eye. The final result is polite rejection.
While it’s a natural reaction to take the brush-off personally, there are often other issues that kept her from committing to a cup of coffee or dinner and a movie. The rejection isn’t always personal and might be for reasons beyond your control. In these situations, it could have everything, or nothing, to do with the guy.
Whether it’s just not being her type or the state of her her love life at the moment, here are…
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This Video Perfectly Explains What’s Really Running through Your Head When You See an Ex

Rom-com shorts have taken a recent lean towards realism — from viral hits like Relationship in 5 Minutes to Commentary on Running into an Ex. For a landscape typically filled with well-deep subtexts and carefully coiffed language, it’s been refreshing to catch comedic takes on what’s really boiling underneath the surface of complicated romantic relationships.
That’s where writer and comedian Alison Griffin Vingiano’s new short “Exes” comes into play. Inspired by her own run-in with an ex at a mutual friend’s book reading, Vingiano realized that what’s truly interesting in conversations with an ex is what isn’t being said.
In this short, every thought the separated couple has conveniently (and hilariously) comes equipped with subtitles that decode the fraught dialogue. Vingiano told us that the experience, “made me realize how insignificant language can be, and how much of what we were actually saying to each other was BS.” Unlike her own relationship with her ex (which has become an affable friendship, she promises), Vingiano was interested in the unique space an ex can take up in our lives — a space where “you look nice” could or could not mean “I want to sleep with you.” “I wanted them to be in that strange grey-zone where it’s unclear if it’s really over,” Vingiano adds.
The charming short is directed by T.J. Misny, who has directed episodes of Broad City and the web-series “Little Horribles,” and who shot and directed the viral video “Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong.” Watch it below.


The Trickiest Thing About Women – and What to do About it

There’s the age-old saying that men are simple creatures. And it’s true, especially when it comes to relationships.
As long as she’s pretty, smart and won’t complicate your life, you’ve already won the dating lottery.
For women though, they have a more elaborate set of requirements that’s confusing to guys.
“Damned if you do and damned if you don’t” often applies when dealing with the opposite sex – it’s no wonder men find the female psyche baffling.
And those requirements I mentioned? Sometimes women don’t know what they really are in the first place.
For instance, you might think she wants a man who’ll treat her like a princess, worship the ground she walks on, and basically exist to serve her every need.

She may even believe the same thing too, but it’s the farthest thing from what she REALLY wants.
You can understand how confusing this is for the average guy.
But let me help you out here.
Most women have grown up believing in this going-all-out-white-knight-on-a-shiny-horse theory, but this fantasy doesn’t hold up in the real world of dating.
That’s why even if she thinks this is what she wants, she’ll actually end up bored to tears – if not freaked out – by this kind of behavior.
Worse, men who buy into this over-hyped belief end up spending obscene amounts of money on women they literally met a few days ago.
I mean, I get the idea that you should make the effort to make a woman happy, but it doesn’t apply to strangers – no matter how hot they are.
Usually, this kind of behavior comes out on the first date. Don’t be the guy who takes her out to a restaurant where the appetizers cost an arm and a leg, or any of that clichéd stuff.
Those things aren’t necessarily bad, but save it for when you’re celebrating your first anniversary. For now, you need to have a little self-respect and pace yourself.
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The Instant Attraction Trigger You Need to Learn

The easiest way to make women like you is by showing them your relationship potential. When it comes to attracting a girl, the first thing her brain is going to look for is your ability to be a good partner.
I’ll be blunt: unless you get past this barrier, she’ll never want to get naked with you.
I mean, most guys will want to sleep with a girl even if they never see each other again. That’s just how we are.
As for a woman, she’s looking for “boyfriend qualities” in a guy before he can get any further with her. One of these important traits is none other than the ability to keep her interested on a consistent basis.
And a lot of that comes from being able to keep the levity alive. In other words, you need to make a woman laugh.

This is one of the most powerful ways to make her want to get with you. Being humorous speaks of a confident personality, which is what any guy should aspire for.
Plus, a funny guy doesn’t take himself too seriously, which means he has an easy-going vibe that pulls women in.
If that wasn’t enough, consider the fact that humor and intelligence are closely linked. If you’re funny and engaging, she’ll put two and two together in your favor.
Besides, you’ve heard the worn-out phrase about laughter’s therapeutic effects, right? Well, it works in dating as well.
Pickup artists are good at taking women through an emotional ride using stories that evoke excitement and/or humor. They understand that the more a woman is amused, the easier it is to trigger all those feel-good hormones in her brain.
Ever wonder why people refer to the feeling of attraction as “chemistry”?
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