How To Get Her To Commit

Perhaps you’re a player and is used to NOT having long-term relationships.
But what if the tables are turned? You met that woman that’s a female player – and you know that she’s THE ONE. But you want her to stay with you…
To increase your shot of keeping her, check out this article. It has 5 tips on how to get her to commit to you. Better to be prepared and boost your chances, right?
Stay Alpha,
- Carlos Xuma

Title: How To Get Her To Commit
Confession: During my dating youth, no matter how much I liked a girl, no matter how much I wanted her and just her exclusively, I’d never tell her that purely for fear of looking weak and pathetic.
If we were ever to move beyond the vague, undeclared status that characterizes every relationship in its early phase, well, that would be up to her. Most guys think this way.
The problem with this strategy is that sometimes, a guy likes a woman so much that he’d rather not wait for her to initiate The Talk.
Or, if you’re like me, you’re over 30 and generally cranky and impatient, so you’d like to know where things stand before too many months of amorphous pseudo-commitment go by.
The challenge is to share your…
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Jobless, Divorced, Overweight Dude Lands Sweet $250K-a-Year-Gig

Sometimes, life kicks you down and you don’t feel like getting up. Take Thaddeus Kalinoski for instance – his wife left him AND he lost his job, leaving him in a very dark place.
But even the darkest clouds have their proverbial silver lining. After Kalinoski let himself go, he came face-to-face with the man he became – and used it to his advantage.
Looking at his heavier, unshaven mug in the mirror, he realized that he looked like Alan (played by Zach Galifianakis) from the Vegas comedy “The Hangover”. With his unkempt hair and mountain man beard, people started to take notice.

After getting enough “You look like Alan from The Hangover” comments, Kalinoski decided to cash in on his new look. When he took to his act to Las Vegas, it was like throwing a match into a pool of gasoline.
Sporting a get-up identical to the character from the movie, he became instantly recognizable by both locals and tourists.
Kalinoski turned himself into a viral hit – today, people from all over the world pay top dollar to hang out with him.
What I admire from this enterprising dude is that he pulled a classic Alpha Male move when he hit his rock bottom.
Instead of giving up and resigning himself to a mediocre life, Kalinoski took his unique talents and used it to turn his situation around.
Sure, not all of us will probably end up as a highly-paid celebrity lookalike, but that’s beside the point. Whatever circumstances you’re in right now, you can learn a little something from Mr. Not-Zach-Galifianakis:
He Takes His Livelihood Seriously
Kalinoski doesn’t just show up and expect his clients to do all the work. When he knew his look could be a thing, he decided to fully immerse himself in his new role.
Like an actor, he’s always in character when he’s “on the clock”. It may not look like it, but he’s a total professional under that party animal persona.
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You Don’t Need an Excuse to Get Together with Your Friends at a Bar

“It’s my birthday!” So?
“I got a promotion!” Oooh, good for you.
“If I don’t get a drink, I’m going to die!” Who cares?
“I feel like seeing my friends.” Now you’re talking.
I’m of Irish descent, so I’m a member of a group of people for whom the bar is a sacred place. “To many of the Irish, whether in Ireland or in New York City, a pub is not just a bar, a place to grab a bottle of beer or a pint of Guinness stout, dark and bitter, yeasty and filling,” Elaine Louie wrote in the New York Times back in 1994. “In Ireland, a pub is the cultural epicenter, the place where people go at night.”
This is not just true for the Irish. The bar (or pub or tavern or cantina or whatever you choose to call it) is the hub, the meeting place, the social capitol for every community. It could be city hall, if the unofficial councilmen could remember their grand plans the next day. There’s a reason one of the colloquial names for a bar is “watering hole.” Like lions and gazelles in the Serengeti, groups converge there to drink. It can be a boardroom, a funeral home, a therapist’s office, or a place to fall in love, depending on the night. Sometimes, though, it’s just a place to have fun.
There aren’t many places for adults to just go and exist at night. When I was a teenager, I would hang out in parking lots. That doesn’t fly past the age of 19. If I don’t want to do something structured, but I don’t feel like sitting at home in front of the TV, either, where do I go? There is but one place.
And I don’t know about you, but my home isn’t set up to accommodate my friends coming over. I live in a small apartment with two roommates and a cat. For whatever reason, like three-quarters of my friends are allergic to cats. I don’t know what this says about us, but I know that it means that we need a cat-free meeting place. The bar is neutral ground. No one is in charge. No one has to play the host. No one has to worry about “is this a shoes-off house? Should I wash my glass? I wish I hadn’t seen Paul’s back issues of Maxim magazine in the bathroom.”
You gotta see your friends, dude! If you only see your friends on special occasions you gotta step your friendship game up. Unless you both work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your only day off is Memorial Day, you can make time to meet the people who care about you at a mutually-agreed upon place for an hour or two every now and then.
Most of all, though, you’re an adult! You don’t need to make excuses for why you want to go to the bar and see your friends. Did Norm from Cheers explain why he went down those stairs to see Sam and the gang every day? No! He didn’t need to. Everybody knew his name. He went there when he got a job, and he went there when he got laid off. When he was happy and when he was sad. He was a grown (fictional) man and he did what he wanted (within reason)!
If this has inspired you to get your friends together tonight, I ask that you give this Irish toast when you all are assembled: “May your glass ever be full, may the roof over your head be always strong, and may you be in heaven a half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.”
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What Drink to Order When She Says She Doesn’t Care

I always don’t know what to get at bars. Years of drinking under my belt and yet I’m always struck by indecisiveness when someone offers to get me something. Usually, I end up with a beer or a copied cocktail I spied across the bar, or, I admit, I tell someone to get me “whatever” or that “I don’t care.” I try not to, because even though I can’t make up my mind at the bar, indecisive orderers sort of annoy me. I blame it on my background in customer service.
I can’t make up my mind, and you’d rather not wait, and the bartender has other people to see to, and it’s filling up, and we’ll have to wait longer if I don’t go now. You see? We both can’t be indecisive. Life’s unfair like that. So to help you, gentlemen and ladies who have been put on the spot, I have a few suggestions:
1. If you just got there
You guys had to take your coats off, find seats, find your friends, and find space at the bar to order, and yet she still didn’t have an opinion on a drink. It’s not like she had that entire time to think of something alcoholic and pleasant to the palate or anything. Put on the spot, you should just get her a Dark and Stormy. It’s such a low commitment order, possibly because it’s sort of the easy, elder sister of Rum and Coke. In an analogy form: Rum and Coke is to the college student as Dark and Stormy is to the graduate.
2. If she’s wearing a faux fur coat and black tights with high waisted shorts
Just get her Bourbon. Make it neat. She’ll talk to you about malts and barrels and ryes, and somehow Crown Royal will be brought up. She’ll drop bar names around Brooklyn that you’ve never really thought too much about to have an opinion, and then she’ll mention either how her dad or grandfather or uncle or her English professor she had romantic entanglements with helped her develop a taste for the stuff. Wait till she grabs a pack of smokes from her canvas tote bag purse and heads outside, then repeat this process over with another glass.
3. If she started quoting authors she’s never read
She probably prefers a Whiskey Ginger. She’ll start talking about her vinyl collection and how long she’s been a vegetarian and how her co-op will kick just about anyone out.
4. If she’s always wearing yoga pants and has a subscription to Birchbox
Get her a Vodka tonic. Heck, go crazy and ask for “with lemon” to boot. She can carry her glass with one hand while she logs her meals for the day on her diet mobile app, then checks Goop for more krazy ideas for Kale.
5. If she likes sweet
Get her a Fuzzy Navel. I know. I know. It’s sort of one of those drinks I hate ordering because I have a bad connotation with it being just so, so silly to say, but the combination of peach schnapps and orange juice (sometimes lemonade) is just too sweet and delicious to distract me from caring. A friend of mine unabashedly identifies it as her favorite, because she is a lover of what she calls “girly drinks,” a phrase which also has negative connotation but shouldn’t. The drink sort of reminds me of an early 2000′s party girl with five million mini ponytails on her head, body glitter, opaque white lipgloss, and a rave in Miami, so maybe that’s why I think it’s a flibbertigibbet of bar orders. It’s time, however, to bring this drink back without shame. Starting now.
6. If she likes her coffee black
Get her a stout beer (or an espresso stout beer if offered). You at least know that she likes her coffee in the morning without any frills, so it’s easier and faster to get through the long Starbucks coffee line. Keep that same mentality at the bar and go for a dark imperial stout. It’s dark like coffee. It also has a nice foam on top and is smooth as hell. It’s basically the bitter brew of the bar orders. Because of this, if she also happens to have doughnuts, croissants, or pie with her at the bar, it’s doubly good to get her a stout to compliment the flavors.
7. If she came from work
Is it Happy Hour and she’s wearing improbably heels and has a story about how Jan in accounting and Dave in IT are out to ruin her life? First, pull her into a hug and be on her side about all of the office conspiracy theories, and then go get her a martini and make it dirty. Make it very, very dirty. Her extreme anger will slowly disappear with the vodka, vermouth, brine, and each Olive she pops into her mouth. Pay attention to her glass and keep them coming until she’s done bemoaning the discrepancies in invoices or whatever the hell that jerk Dave did to her.
8. If she came from a nap
Maybe she needs a kick from champagne or maybe you’re feeling particularly Parisian, but the French 75, made with champagne, Cognac or gin, simple syrup on ice with lemon. The name apparently comes from the French 75mm field gun and a sip gives the drinker a “kick” as if he were shot with one, only less fatal and more bubbly. This drink has the optional bonus of allowing you to order it as a “Soixante Quinze,” but be warned that while impressive, you might sound like a high-falutin douche if you do this in eight out of 10 establishments. But it’s classy and comes in a champagne flute and it looks like you and the sleepy she sort of made an effort in the first place.
9. If you’re really not sure
Get her what you’re having. This route has several benefits. First, you already decided what you were hankering for and playing the guessing game to please her can lead to a slippery slope of a wasted drink she doesn’t care for and/or her bumming off your choice later on. This takes time away from over thinking the situation. Instead, just go back to the bar for whatever you are holding in your hand. This is an added bonus as you now have a prop to point to in case the bar’s too crowded and you have to resort to eye contact and miming for ordering. Besides, if she doesn’t like it as much later, you now have a backup drink for yourself that you don’t have to get later. If not, get her water. She said she didn’t care, right?
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