How to keep your relationship out of the danger zone

If you’ve been reading and applying the advice on our site, you’ve probably found yourself a relationship.
But the journey doesn’t end there.
A relationship is never “a means to an end”, and so keeping it in good condition should be your priority.
The true mark of an Alpha Male is being able to keep that connection going long after you’ve become a couple.
If you can’t, your relationship is going to become dull, lifeless and overwhelmed with negative feelings.

So, what’s the secret to staying happy even after you’ve been together for some time? Read on:
#1: Say NO to Judgment
Sooner or later, you’re going to realize that you and your lady are different people.
I don’t just mean knowing it on an intellectual level, but actually experiencing your differences – and more importantly, argue over them.
This is a turning point in your relationship, and the best way to deal with this change is by keeping yourself in check.
When the arguments and power struggles come along, it’s easy for doubt and anxiety to creep in.
You’ll probably felt this yourself before – don’t give in to these emotions.
Even if she said or did something to get under your skin, she’s not actually out to get you.
Chances are you don’t know her that well yet, so don’t go handing out any judgments her based on what information you have.
Stay calm, keep focused and look at the issue from all angles.
Consider the possibility that you misread each other, which led to whatever you fought about. Don’t jump the gun and accuse her of trying to “get you” without taking an objective look at the situation first.
Remember when I mentioned how relationships shouldn’t be overrun by negative feelings? This is one way to prevent that from happening to you.
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The Non-B.S. Guide to Being a Quality Guy

Any man who’s been near the world of dating advice has heard of the old don’t-buy-her-a-drink cliché countless times – and for good reason.
Getting a drink for a stranger isn’t just about “giving up your power” to the opposite sex and making you needy.
There are other deeper implications that go with this kind of supplicating behavior that makes a guy unattractive.
First off, that drink you offered her is often is seen as the price of admission for her company. And frankly, that’s not the best place to start a potential relationship.
On some level, it’s telling her that she needs to do something for you because you did her a favor.
As far as healthy, social interaction goes, this is NOT how to go about it.
It’s much more attractive to walk up to a girl simply because you wanted to have fun chatting with her, regardless of whether she likes you or not.
It’s that kind of detachment (i.e. not wanting anything from her, just enjoying the experience) that actually boosts your social value.

Here’s another trope that’s well-worn, but nevertheless true: Never tell a woman how hot she is.
Opening a conversation with anything that revolves around her amazing looks is likely to be met with suspicion. Like with the no-drink rule, the point is to avoid giving off that “I want something from you” vibe that makes women uncomfortable.
If her physicality is the only thing that mattered to you, how would think she’d feel? Not great, I can assure you.
Women don’t like feeling they’re just eye candy on display. The best way to go about approaching an attractive woman is acknowledging her as a living, breathing individual – quirks and all.
Beauty is dime a dozen; pointing out the obvious to a woman isn’t good conversational material.
Noticing something that sets her apart from other women? That gives her a real sense of validation, and not just the superficial attention that beauty attracts.
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10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman – Where Do You Draw the Line?

Unless you’ve been off the grid for the past week, you’re likely to have seen the viral video of a New York woman running into all sorts of guys.
If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below:
Here’s what I think: being offended is subjective. Offense is only taken, not given.
If you were in her shoes, how would you feel?
As a woman, would you be offended if someone tried having a conversation with you? How do you differentiate between being nice, pushy, and creepy?
As a guy, I won’t know what it’s really like to be a woman and get these kinds of reactions from men.
So, it got me thinking: would you classify “How you doing today?”, “How are you this morning?” or “Have a nice evening!” in the same league as stalking someone for five minutes straight or reducing her to “a thousand dollars”?
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Let us know in the comments!

Why Women Reject Men

One of the biggest dread of men (when it comes to women) is that FEAR of rejection..
So, when you do get the courage to approach her, you focus on “working hard” to make her like you and see you as an AWESOME guy.
Just when you think you’re winning her over – she loses interest, and you’re left surprised and dismissed. Then negative emotions comes in, clouds your judgment, and all you can think of is…
You’re rejected, so you must be a LOSER, right?
NO, you’re not!
Read this article on Why Women Reject Men to find out. It list 10 common reasons and I suggest you read each one. You’ll find out that sometimes, it’s not all about YOU, but about her.
Stay Alpha,
– Carlos Xuma

Title: Why Women Reject Men
After finally working up the nerve to ask a woman out, the moment arrives and there is nothing left to do but make a move. You initiate conversation, make small talk, play it the way you feel it should be played and put it out there for her to accept or reject.
And then, as fast as it began, the interaction is over in the blink of an eye. The final result is polite rejection.
While it’s a natural reaction to take the brush-off personally, there are often other issues that kept her from committing to a cup of coffee or dinner and a movie. The rejection isn’t always personal and might be for reasons beyond your control. In these situations, it could have everything, or nothing, to do with the guy.
Whether it’s just not being her type or the state of her her love life at the moment, here are…
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